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Initiated in 2015, the Greater Charlotte Regional Freight Mobility Plan will enhance the economic competitiveness of the Charlotte region by developing an integrated, multi-modal freight transportation system that will support the region’s economic growth, foster job creation, and provide the mechanisms to maintain and improve the quality of life for the region’s residents. The purpose of the plan is to strengthen the connection between the region’s key freight transportation assets, core industries, and land use development.

Freight Mobility Plan Executive Summary (December 2016)
Freight Mobility Plan Final Summary
GCLMPO Freight Profile

In 2007, the Gaston Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (GUAMPO), now GCLMPO, initiated a freight planning study to incorporate freight related issues into planning activities. This studies efforts included three tasks: project coordination, freight assessment, and strategy development. The result of the study is the Gastonia 2007 Freight Study.

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Public Transportation Statewide Strategic Plan

The N.C. Department of Transportation is developing the Public Transportation Statewide Strategic Plan to improve bus, rail, and paratransit services across the state by better matching transit services to the needs of North Carolinians. Stakeholders and the public are invited to provide input at community workshops across the state as part of the North Carolina Public Transportation Statewide Strategic Plan. The workshops are free and open to the public. No registration is necessary to attend. Community workshop dates, times, and locations are available on the project website.