Transit Safety


Transit Safety is a key component of the federal performance-based planning process. FTA published the Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan (PTASP) Final Rule on July 19, 2018 (effective date of July 19, 2019) to improve public transportation safety by guiding transit agencies to more effectively and proactively manage safety risks in their systems.


Performance Measures & Targets

The PTASP performance measures in the table below were established as part of the PTASP Final Rule. All operators of public transportation systems that are recipients and sub-recipients of federal financial assistance under the Urbanized Area Formula Program and all rail transit operator recipients must develop safety performance targets based on the safety performance measures established in FTA’s National Public Transportation Safety Plan (National Safety Plan). Targets must be reviewed and updated annually as part of a safety plan (see the Plans section below).

Initial PTASP targets are due to FTA by July 20, 2020. MPOs have 180 days after providers set and share their initial targets to establish their own targets.


FATALITIES – total number of reportable fatalities and rate per total vehicle revenue miles by mode TBD
INJURIES – total number of reportable injuries and rate per total vehicle revenue miles per mode TBD
SAFETY EVENTS – total number of reportable events and rate per total vehicle revenue miles by mode TBD
SYSTEM RELIABILITY – mean distance between major mechanical failures by mode TBD



All recipients and sub-recipients of FTA grant funds are required to develop and certify that they have a safety plan meeting the requirements of the PTASP rule by July 20, 2020. Tier I providers must draft and implement their own safety plans. Tier II providers may have the state draft the safety plan on their behalf or may opt to draft their own safety plan.

Regardless of who drafts and certifies a safety plan, each transit operator is required to carry out and implement its own safety plan.

Safety plans must be signed by an operator’s Accountable Executive and approved by its Board of Directors (or equivalent authority). State Safety Oversight Agencies must approve the safety plans of the rail transit agencies they oversee.

NCDOT is currently developing an initial safety plan of behalf of the Tier II providers located within the GCLMPO area.



Transit operators (or states on behalf of Tier II public transportation providers) are required to review, update, and self-certify their safety plans annually via FTA’s Certifications and Assurances process (which include safety performance targets).

GCLMPO will report its initial PTASP targets to NCDOT in the form of a resolution.


Accountability & Transparency

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