Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP)

GCLMPO Consolidated CTP Development

A Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) has being prepared for Gaston, Cleveland, and Lincoln counties. The CTP a long range planning document that will assist the local government and its representatives in making transportation decisions over the next 30+ years. This is a joint effort between the Gaston-Cleveland-Lincoln Metropolitan Planning Organization (GCLMPO), local counties, towns, and the NCDOT – Transportation Planning Branch (TPB). The CTP involves both government officials and the public in an effort to determine the area’s future transportation needs based on the best information available. This information includes, but is not limited to, population, economic conditions, traffic trends, and patterns of land development in and around the area. The CTP includes alternative modes of transportation, such as transit, walking, and cycling, and identifies recommendations for solutions that provides for the safe, efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally sensitive use of the transportation system, while addressing current and future travel needs.

CTP Amendment Policy (amended Sept 2020)

Adopted CTP Maps