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Pedestrian Counts
2014 Average Daily Traffic
Traffic Percent Change 2004 thru 2014
2014 Truck Traffic Counts Map
2014 Traffic Counts Map (Profile)
2014 CTPP profile Gaston County
2014 CTPP profile Cleveland County
2014 CTPP profile City of Gastonia
2014 CTPP profile Lincoln County
2014 CTPP profile City of Shelby


Click here to use the interactive GCLMPO map or the simplified map to review traffic counts, planned projects, or demographic data about the area. This mapping program works best on Firefox or Chrome browsers. If you are asked for a login, please use the following login information:
Generic login: mpo_view
Password: mpoview15

Census Explorer
2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Maps

NCDOT Maps – If you’re looking for any kind of transportation information NCDOT has a plethora of maps at the link to the left. This is a must view link.


cttmap   Carolina Thread Trail Map

6_24_14_85_321_Page_1_small I85/US 321 Design

I-5000-Alt3-Rendering-11x17   I-85/US321 Interchange Improvement Map Alternate 3 Rendering
Comprehensive Transportation Plan Maps (CTP)