Transportation Planning Organizations:

Cabarrus Rowan MPO
Rocky River RPO
Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO)
North Carolina Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (NCAMPO)
Rock Hill-Fort Mill Area Transportation Study (RFATS)

Regional Planning Organizations:

Centralina Council of Governments
Catawba Regional Council of Governments

Western Piedmont Council of Governments


Gastonia Transit
Transportation Lincoln County
Transportation Administration of Cleveland County (TACC)
Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS)
Volunteer Transportation Services


Other Resources:

Carolina Thread Trail
The Carolina Thread Trail is a regional network of greenways, trails and blueways that reaches 15 counties, 2 states and 2.3 million people. There are over 250 miles of trails and 100 miles of blueway open to the public – linking people, places, cities, towns and attractions. The Thread Trail preserves our natural areas and is a place for exploration of nature, culture, science and history. This is a landmark project that provides public and community benefits for everyone, in every community.

NC 73 Council of Planning
The Council of Planning is a multi-jurisdictional body tasked with monitoring and managing the NC 73 corridor, a 35-mile section of rapidly developing communities in the northern parts of the Charlotte region.