Local Unit Member Governments and Policies

Gaston-Cleveland-Lincoln Metropolitan Planning Organization (GCLMPO)
Under federal law, any urbanized area (as defined by the Census Bureau) exceeding a population of 50,000 shall have an MPO whose purpose is to coordinate transportation planning among the member governments.

The GCLMPO formally consists of 18 voting local government members:

The MPO is charged with the responsibility of preparing and adopting the long range transportation plan, the Transportation Improvement Program and the Unified Planning Work Program.    Please refer to the Meetings page to see the MPO calendar, as well as links to the agenda and minutes.  A period for public comment is available at each meeting.

Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC)
The TCC is the staff arm to the MPO.  It is composed of representatives of various departments and communities involved in the transportation planning process.  Other relevant local, state and federal departments are also members (please refer to the TCC Members page to view a complete list of current TCC membership).  The TCC’s primary responsibility is to carry out the various planning tasks described in the Unified Planning Work Program.  These include updates to the long range transportation plan, analysis of operational issues in the thoroughfare system, recommendations for various transportation investment programs and the public involvement process for the MPO.  Virtually all technical recommendations to the MPO originate at the TCC level.  Please refer to the Meetings page to see the TCC calendar, as well as links to the agenda and minutes.

Lead Planning Agency
The City of Gastonia is the Lead Planning Agency for the GCLMPO. The City’s Transportation Planning Division serves as the MPO staff. Responsibilities of the staff include conducting planning studies, forecasting travel demand and patterns, and preparing meeting materials for and implementing directives of the MPO Board, Technical Coordination Committee (TCC), and the Transportation Steering Committee. In addition, Staff provides technical expertise to all of the member GCLMPO jurisdictions.

Governing Policies

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlines the policies, structure, membership and the roles and responsibilities of GCLMPO.  It is the governing document of the MPO, which guides the cooperative, comprehensive and continuing transportation planning process among the parties therein.  The effective date for the current MOU for GCLMPO is October 17, 2013.  Click the following link to view GCLMPO’s MOU.