Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

The Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) for the GCLMPO is the locally-adopted, fiscally-constrained, long-range transportation plan for Cleveland, Gaston, and Lincoln counties. The MTP is a comprehensive plan that defines the transportation network that will serve both present and projected volumes of vehicular traffic, public transportation use, bicycle, pedestrian, aviation and freight travel in and around the urban area. The MTP is based on the most accurate and complete information available including, but not limited to, population and economic development growth and land development patterns in and around the urban area.

The MPO is required to update its MTP by May 2018. The 2045 MTP will replace the existing plan, which was adopted in March 2014. An air quality conformity determination is also required due to the Clean Air Act’s requirement that the MPO’s plans and programs conform to the purpose of the state implementation plan (SIP) for achieving air quality standards.


Chapter 01: Introduction
Chapter 02: Goals, Objectives, and Policies
Chapter 03: Planning Factors and Performance Management
Chapter 04: Public Involvement and Environmental Justice
Chapter 05: Natural Environment
Chapter 06: Human Environment
Chapter 07: Existing and Future Conditions / Socio-Economic Projections
Chapter 08: Travel Patterns
Chapter 09: Safety and Security
Chapter 10: Financial Plan and Project Prioritization
Chapter 11: Streets and Highways
Chapter 12: Bicycle and Pedestrian
Chapter 13: Public Transportation
Chapter 14: Aviation
Chapter 15: Freight
Chapter 16: Other Transportation Modes

Draft Air Quality Conformity Determination Report

Conformity Analysis Determination Report
Appendix A: Federal Register Notices
Appendix B: NC’s Non-interference Demonstration for the Federal Low RVP Submittal
Appendix C: Interagency Consultation
Appendix D: Lists of Roadway and Transit Projects within Maintenance Areas
Appendix E: VMT and Speeds
Appendix F: Moves Emissions Summary Spreadsheets
Appendix G: Moves Emissions Analysis Results
Appendix H: Public Participation Policies
Appendix I: Public and Agency Comments and Responses
Appendix J: Adoption and Endorsement Resolutions and Agency Determinations

2040 MTP (adopted March 27, 2014, amended August 27, 2015)